Timberline Adventures is a world class Spokane and Coeur d’ Alene Zip line tour with eye-popping views overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene and Mount Spokane.


After years of nationwide zipline experience, we handpicked Coeur d’Alene to install a course designed by the best in the business. While the thought of flying through the air at 35 miles per hour, and heights up to an adrenaline spiking 400 feet may inspire some frayed nerves, rest assured that your safety is our number one priority. Timberline Adventures not only meets industry safety standards, we exceed them to bring you one of the most exhilarating, safe and memory-making experiences you may ever have.


While safety is our number one priority, being eco-friendly is also high on the list. Moose, deer, bear, eagles and many other animals call this place home and we do all we can to honor and respect the impact our presence can make. And while wildlife may pop in every once and a while, our trees are the real stars of the show.


Timberline Adventures property consists of 147 arbor-packed acres. In its past life, the property was used for logging where cut trees were replaced with seedlings. Now, thousands of new young trees will grow for generations to come; and we’re all about that pampering to keep them happy. For example, we ensure all our treetop platforms weigh 40% less than those used by many other zip line companies. By using lighter platforms, modifications aren’t necessary for decades, leaving trees healthy, strong and smiling on the inside.


And if you think our trees are happy, wait until we take care of you. Zipping with us may be a once in a lifetime experience- we want it to be something you remember forever. From the time you book your tour to the moment you walk out our doors, our focus is on making sure you’re comfortable and happy by providing two trained, knowledgeable, fun and even hilarious guides that work solely with your group. If we were superheroes, our superpower would be ensuring an amazing time!


Truth is, we can’t wait for you to experience Timberline Adventures unique Coeur d’Alene Zip Line Tour while you make new memories (and selfies) sure to last a lifetime!