Nervous About Heights

Is Ziplining Safe?


Feeling anxious? Looking for some reassurance when it comes to planning your Timberline Adventures ipline tour? We hear you- the thought of soaring through the air can be nerve wracking for some and we totally get it. We’ve helped thousands of people -from kiddos to adventurous seniors- overcome their nervousness and experience the adventure of a lifetime. In short, safety is top priority from top to bottom.


Put your mind at ease by reading a few reviews from zippers who were nervous as well- and dive into the painstaking safety precautions we’ve put in place to bring your experience peace of mind.


Timberline Adventures Safety Standards


From ground up, our course was designed to exceed safety standards in the industry. Our course standards surpass ACCT and ANSI requirements- and our years of exhilarating zip tours prove it.


Clipped In Start to Stop


Once you set foot on the first zip of the course, you’re safely secured with military grade rigging and clips. Our highly trained (and amazing) guides will keep you tethered, secure and oversee all equipment transfers to ensure you’re securely hooked to our zip lines and sky bridges. With our guides, you’re in good company.


Is First-Time Ziplining Safe?


For sure. Everyone who’s zipped had a first time ride. If you haven’t ziplined before, our trained guides take care of all equipment and safety operations from beginning to end.


Highly Trained (ie- AWESOME) Guides


Timberline Adventures background in ziplining goes back decades and has culminated in a safety training program with years of professional know-how and experience. All Timberline Adventures guides undergo exhaustive, hands-on safety training; we also run live in-season trainings to ensure safety stays sharp.


Do I Have To Stop Myself?


Nope. Our trained guides take care of all the braking for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view.


What If I’m Afraid Of Heights?


You’re in good company. Most everyone get a little nervous with heights. Even better, with our gradual approach to heights, you’ll be feeling much more comfortable after your first line zip. Being apprehensive before your first send is normal- and so is wanting to do it all again when it’s over.


Course Design & Construction


Timberline Adventures was designed by the premier ziplining professionals in the world. We’ve got a team of structural engineers, professional arborists, and other safety professionals who’ve put hundreds of hours into every detail of the course.


How’s The Equipment?


All Timberline Adventures equipment meets and surpasses industry standards. We inspect all equipment multiple times a day.

Feeling better? We hope so- your bucket list adventure is just around the corner.



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